Training as foundry mechanic (m/f/d) die and permanent mold casting

Using models, foundry mechanics produce casting molds. Afterward, liquid metal is poured into the molds. Thus, a very precise workpiece is created. The tasks of a foundry mechanic (m/f/d) include cleaning, machining and inspecting the cast workpieces. Furthermore, foundry mechanics supervise automated die casting machines, robots as well as permanent mold and die casting units for the serial production of castings. They maintain production plants and carry out minor repairs. In their profession, they work with different casting processes and casting machines.

The KSM Castings Group trains foundry mechanics (m/f/d) in the field of die and permanent mold casting. Regarding the permanent mold casting, the liquid metal is poured in reusable molds. Regarding the die casting, the liquid metal is pressed into reusable molds. KSM uses aluminum and magnesium in different alloys and casting processes.


  • Job title: Foundry mechanic (m/f/d)
  • Training period: 3.5 years
  • Form of training: Two-part (dual) training in company and vocational school
  • Requirements: No restrictions, applicants with qualified lower secondary general education certificate (Hauptschulabschluss) or secondary school leaving certificate (Mittlere Reife) have good chances
  • Suitability: Applicants should be interested in handicraft work and prudent. Good knowledge of maths, physics and chemistry and a spatial sense are important.
  • Prospects: Advanced qualification as a master craftsman/craftswoman or technician, studies at the university of applied sciences.
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Short form of the training contents

Throughout the entire training, knowledge of topics such as rights and obligations, organization of the training company as well as safety at work and environmental protection is imparted. At the vocational school, job-specific fields of learning and general-education subjects such as German, Economics and Personal, Social and Health Education are taught.
Moreover, the training is, for example, about learning how

  • to manufacture, align and clamp workpieces manually or mechanically.
  • to manufacture molds and prepare them for casting.
  • the casting process is carried out, controlled, regulated and optimized.
  • foundry systems and plants work and how they are set up and maintained.
  • to treat surfaces of castings.
  • metals and other materials are used in foundry practice and how their quality is inspected.

Training possible in: Hildesheim

Further information can be found on the website of the Federal Employment Agency. Bundesagentur für Arbeit

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Jörg Gustke
Head of Industrial/Technical Training

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