Bachelor of Science: Business Informatics

Profile of the study program

The dual degree program “Business Informatics” in cooperation with the Universität Hildesheim is focused on the future profession as IT specialist in the field of Controlling/Finance. The key tasks include the optimization of processes in controlling and finance as well as the development of solutions to comply with existing and new tasks.

The dual study „Business Informatics“ at the Universität Hildesheim with an entire study period of 3.5 years starts on 1. September each year. There are regular alternations between practical and theoretical periods so that the theoretical phase in the university is followed by a practical phase in the partner company. In doing so, students will gain the theoretic knowledge which they can directly apply in practice during their job. The 5th semester is continuously spend in the company and followed by the Bachelor thesis. The Bachelor of Science (B. SC) of a university can be acquired after 7 semesters.

Study Contents

Beispielhafte Inhalte, die in Form von Vorlesungen, Seminaren und Übungen vermittelt werden:

  • Main focus:
    Introduction to Information Technology, Business Administration, Accounting and Information Science; Basics of programming; Customer-oriented software development; Algorithms and data structures; Basics on law; Basics of Software Engineering
  • Electives & Specializations:
    Knowledge based systems, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed systems, Requirements Engineering, Business information systems, Business process models, ERP systems, Logistics, IT law

Practical Phases

During the practical period at the KSM Castings Group, the students are employed in the field of information technology as well as in the specialist areas, depending on the focus:

  • Introduction to the fields of applied computer science and business administration
  • Getting to know the requirements and processes in central areas of the company, e.g. controlling, production planning, quality management or material flow
  • Getting to know different workflows to further develop SAP- and KSM-specific software solutions
  • Within the practical phases, dual students can independently work on their own projects

Admission requirements

  • Apprenticeship contract with KSM
  • General qualification for university entrance (Abitur = German equivalent of „A Levels“), specific higher education entrance qualification or prior training recognized as equivalent within the „Offenen Hochschule Niedersachsen“
  • Structured work style and the ability to think in a logical-analytical way
  • Openness to new requirements
  • Good English skills, programming knowledge is of advantage, but not a condition


Contact person

Viktoria von Albedyll
HR Expert,
Commercial Training / Work-Study Program

KSM Castings Group GmbH
Cheruskerring 38
31137 Hildesheim
Phone: +49 51 21 505 - 221
E-Mail Contact

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