Bachelor of Engineering: Production Engineering

Profile of the study program

The dual study program Production Engineering is taught in cooperation with the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Hochschule Hannover). It imparts well-founded basics of mechanical engineering with in-depth study in the fields of production technology, means of production and production logistics. The graduates get the right qualifications for the use of suitable methods and means in order to be able to implement production processes with the highest possible productivity. They can be deployed in diverse  fields of the company, e.g. in research and development or in engineering offices.

The course of studies is linked to the company-based training at KSM. During the first stage of studies (semesters 1-4), the students are trained at KSM on three days a week and additionally throughout the entire semester break. In addition, they attend vocational school for approximately 100 hours. After the end of the first stage of studies, the vocational training is completed with an IHK exam (exam of Chamber of Industry and Commerce).

The second stage of studies (semesters 5-7) consists of two full-time study semesters. The Bachelor's thesis will be written in the last semester.

Study contents

Exemplary contents which are taught in the form of lectures, seminars and practical exercises:

  • Mathematics, physics & experimental physics, engineering mechanics, materials science, electrical engineering, basic principles of designing, computer-aided designing, computer science, fluid mechanics, measurement engineering, production processes, control engineering, process engineering, drive engineering, business operations

Admission requirement

  • Training contract with KSM
  • General qualification for university entrance (Abitur), subject-specific qualification for university entrance, university of applied sciences entrance qualification or an educational background recognized as equivalent within the "Offenen Hochschule Niedersachsen" (Open University Lower Saxony).
  • Good knowledge of mathematics and physics
  • Good knowledge of English is advantageous


Bachelor of Engineering: Production Engineering

Master of Engineering: Value-added management

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Viktoria von Albedyll
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